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Programming Note

I’ll do the post-election recap on WBT with Tara at 3:45ish.

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Sifting Through the Electoral Rubble

John Lassiter pauses Election Day campaigning to grip-and-grin at the unveiling of Uptown’s new Disco Chicken. Pat McCrory is off shilling for trains in Tampa but hurries back in time to give Lassiter a consolation hug.

Local Republicans need to think long and hard about what comes next.

The turnout map for 2009 is eerily similar to that of 2007. The further you get from GOP ground zero at roughly Providence and Sharon Amity, the lower the turnout. Lassiter ran as a McCrory Republican. I don’t think you can discount the connection.

Lassiter needed more of the large suburban precincts to turn out above 30 percent, like Olde Providence did for him, giving him over 900 votes, 700 more than Anthony Foxx received. Instead he got GOP precincts along Rea Road and into Ballantyne turning out at 24 percent (Pct. 232), 27 percent (Pct. 112), 29 percent (Pct. 90), 20 percent (Pct. 226), 26 percent (Pct. 144), and 24 percent (Pct. 137). That last one — Providence Country Club — has over 5100 upper middle-class voters who went 80-20 for Lassiter, yet the local GOP could not even get one quarter of them to the polls.

Last year the Official Excuse for this dismal performance was the Obamawave coupled with biased reporting discouraging people from coming out to vote for GOP candidates. Maybe it was the weather this year: It was too nice out so all Repubs went golfing instead of to the polls.

Meanwhile, Greensboro just booted out its first incumbent mayor ever in favor of a first-time candidate running on a platform of fiscal conservatism. No one expected Bill Knight to top Yvonne Johnson, but he did:

Knight, a retired certified public accountant, has promised to cut tens of millions of dollars from the city budget — an appealing prospect for voters who are disappointed that Greensboro has the highest tax rate among large North Carolina cities.

“I want an efficient city government. Let’s remake what a municipal government is all about,” Knight said.

Huh. And Knight will have a city council committed to the same thing. Double huh.

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