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Beverly Lassiter Wants Me to Vote for Her Eagle Scout Sons

I think.

A Lassiter robocall this time and one decidedly issue-free. John’s work ethic, leadership, time management skills, and the values represented by Eagle Scouts are the turn-out drivers according to this one.

Please tell me someone else is getting these calls, otherwise I’ll chalk it up to (more) voices in my head.

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QC Births $135K, Carbon Fiber Stang

jjWhoa. That is some serious coin. Then again, 550hp mated to a lightweight carbon fiber chassis means drift party. And Charlotte’s very own Autosport Dynamics is responsible for making it happen.

The local race car fabricator is building the body to spec for the drift crowd. Only 10 will be built.

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State Dems Robo Calling for Foxx

And a straight Democratic ticket for Charlotte city council.

Odd that I got the call as I am now officially registered as Libertarian and not unaffiliated. Might be a pretty massive blanket effort.

If so, state Dems could wind up spending close to $100K on Anthony Foxx.

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Why is Rick Bonnell So Afraid of David Stern?

If you are not an NBA fan, you can skip this — but I think something weird is afoot in sports media.

The topic is imprisoned, ex-NBA referee Tom Donaghy. Donaghy is shopping a book with some explosive allegations about NBA refs and the way the NBA works. Some of those were aired on Deadspin, the slightly out-of-bounds Web site which prides itself on covering sports without “access, favor, or discretion.” Remember the access bit. The Deadspin excerpts caused Uptown NBA beat writer Rick Bonnell to pen 10 graphs waving everyone off from Donaghy’s claims.


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