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Marketwise Polling for CMS


Very long and involved poll on teacher and principal compensation, the $80m. funding “cut” CMS experienced this year, confidence in EdShed leadership, etc. One thing that did stick out was questions about CMS TV and the CMS web site. Does CMS understand that Google lets you by-pass the main EdShed page and go directly to specific school sites? It sure didn’t sound like it from the questions.

And surely no one thinks CMS TV has actual viewers.

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Aw, Hell. Not an Uptown Faux Farmers Market

Wait, don’t tell me. And an aquarium too.

The Uptown crowd — motto, Bringing You Bad Ideas Since Cityfair — actually thinks an Uptown farmers market is a good idea. Of course, it would cover up a good chunk of what close-in surface parking remains in lots along 7th and Brevard, still the preferred method to get in and out of Uptown quickly. But surface parking is offensive to urbanistas, so it must go.

Nevermind that Charlotte is already overrun with fake farmers markets, ones with as many, if not more, resellers from out-of-state than actual local family farmers. No, just like the New Old Coliseum, the existing farmers market run by the state out on Yorkmont Rd. is not “centrally located,” Translated, that means it is not Uptown.

But, hey, that is just standard Uptown snobbery at work. We want that here. Standard. Incredibly, however, they don’t leave it there. Some lunatic is actually citing Seattle’s Pike Place Market as a model. You know, the market that opened in 1907 and is two-blocks from the frickin’ Pacific Ocean.

Part of me wants them to actually try to this. But most of me just wants to cry.

Update: The Uptown paper of record today editorializes in favor of this idea. Surprise. I am going to post it in its entirety so we might laugh at in the dark days and years to come, perhaps long after MNI has ceased to exist.

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Easley Hearing Decoder Ring

The very latest from Raleigh.

The backstory: No way is the N.C. Demcratic Party going to go down with the Easleys. Hence the strawman charge that the party “funneled” money to Easley. Only no more or no less than any other party in existence. The idea is to “clear” the party of this charge, focus all attention on the Easleys’ money-grubbing, and hope the scrutiny of the larger pay-to-play kleptocracy fades away. Again.

Unlikely you say? Look how well it worked with Jim Black.

Bonus Programming Note: Carolina Journal Uber-editor Rick Henderson will pop up on WBT around 4pm today to ‘splain it all some more.

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Foxx Blows By Lassiter in Cash Race

I fervently await local GOP spin on this development. You cannot tell me that John Lassiter expected to have less cash on had at this stage of the race than Anthony Foxx.

We told you this was a high-priority race for the Dems and the money flowing to it — including over $30K from the state Democratic Party — proves it. Now it is up to Foxx to figure out how best to put that money to work in the closing weeks. His choices will probably decide who is the next mayor.

Lassiter, meanwhile, has to wonder what he has done to only deserve $250 from the McCrory for Governor campaign this period while Foxx is cashing checks for thousands from other elected Dems.

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Uptown Paper Losing Circ Faster Than Average

The Uptown Paper of Record saw daily circulation fall by 13 percent in the most recent six-month reporting period through September. The average circ decline at the nation’s 379 newspapers was only 10.6 percent, which means circulation at the Uptown paper shrank 22 percent faster than the industry average. The Audit Bureau of Circulation now pegs daily circ 167,585 for the Uptown paper.

Sunday circ held up slightly better, falling by 10 percent to 227,916.

By comparison, the N&O performed slightly better, with daily circ dropping 11.8 percent to 139,826 from 158,575 and Sunday circ falling 6.2 percent to 193,010 from 205,662 in 2008.

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Farmer Loses Land to City Sewer Line

Fascinating case of the city of Kannapolis using the courts to bum-rush a sewer line across a Cabarrus County farmer’s property. The upshot is that the city will soon look to use the infrastructure as an excuse to annex folks into the city.

Never trust government officials any further than you can throw them.

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