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CNN: Fourth Place

Maybe they’ll have a parade like the Wolfpack did under Chuckles the Clown.

Last place among cable news networks. How did that happen? Nevermind. I know.

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Campbell Flips on Easleys

Been slow going here at Meck Deck central as we’ve been glued to the live blogging of the Board of Elections train wreck over at the Locker Room.

Nutshell, the Easleys are screwed. They are trying to make McQueen Campbell the fall-guy for everything they’ve done in office and he is having none of it. That the Easleys have taken this route tells me they are desperate indeed.

I fully expect Mike Easley to be indicted.

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Meanwhile, the Latest SEC Travesty

I knew Florida would have a rough time with Miss. St. in Starkville. And I knew the SEC would bail the Gators out.

And no, I didn’t watch it. My boycott of the league is still in effect.

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This Will Be the Last Post on the Panthers…

…until such time as John Fox is no longer the head coach or the team has qualified for the NFL playoffs. I put the over-under on the latter at 2015. The former, 2011, if ever.

I just cannot take it anymore.

Bonus Torment: Rhys Lloyd’s Twitter page. “We are 100 percent behind jake…fans should back the team no matter what. Good and bad.” Thanks, Mr. Kickoff specialist.

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