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Dell: Forget Lessons, Bring on Apologies

Notice something missing from this Uptown paper of record statement of the obvious on the Dell subsidy gone horribly wrong? Aside from the abject, groveling apology I mean.

Kay Hagan.

You might have heard of her. An original sponsor of the Dell bribe and proud defender of the deal. “We all know Dell can go anywhere in the world. We need this company. We need these jobs,” Hagan declared on the floor of the state legislature.

You might recall that Libertarian Party senate candidate and Huntersville resident Chris Cole tried to hold Hagan accountable for the Dell decision, but the media in the state would have none of it, not with Liddy Dole in their crosshairs. This despite clear evidence last fall that Dell might walk away from the factory deal and leave the state to pick up the pieces.

But by all means, lecture me on the “the lessons of Dell” and not mention the role played by the U.S. Senator you endorsed. All I can do is laugh at this point.

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Public Sector Unions! Booga-Booga!

Let’s be clear here. The Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress absolutely want to unionize as many sectors of the economy as possible. The legislation which would pre-empt state bans on collective bargaining for public safety workers is a step in that direction, but only a step.

Charlotte would not wake up with unionized police officers and firemen once the legislation becomes law — and hopefully before the Supreme Court overturns an obvious federal overreach — but collective bargaining and contracts would fast-track the city to unions, no question about it.

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