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Amtrak Ridership Drops

That’s unpossible said the train freaks and Ralph Wiggum.

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BofA: Take It to a Jury

Uh. Do Bank of America execs understand just how poorly the average consumer views banks right now — BofA especially? Are you sure you want a jury to decide the fate of the SEC’s complaint on the bonuses the bank paid out?

If there is some cunning plan afoot, someone clue me in.

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The Anti-Affordable Housing Ordinance

CMPD and Charlotte city staff are operating way, way out of their depth. The suppressed assumption in this proposed landlord registration law is that landlords are rolling in money. That they have an extra $335 a year to hand to the city for the privilege of renting out their property so that the city may hire more staff to work the program the law creates.

Anyone else think this is nuts?

Let’s cut to the chase. The city proposes to levy a new tax on rental properties. Not all of them, just the ones deemed “high crime.” That sounds like a lawsuit right there. But suppose not. What happens when the property owner taps out and takes their unit or units off the market? What if they just walk away? Will the city take over running some units? Or will the city knock some down and build new ones? What if a landlord decides to get out of the “high crime” tax by opting not to rent to anyone with a criminal record? Will the city stand behind them and help fight off the inevitable lawsuits that would follow?

Finally, if crime-committing renters are the problem, why not go after them directly? License them — perhaps nothing more than a $5 fee and a requirement that they be a in the country lawfully and not have any outstanding warrants. How is that any less nuts than what the city proposes to do? And yet majority of city council evidently is ready to go along.

This is all headed in a very bad direction.

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Skins Fold, Jake Slides By

Admit it. With Washington up 17-2 midway through the 3rd quarter this looked like a done deal. But a long kickoff return by Butler’s Kenny Moore gave the Panthers a short field, short enough for Jake Delhomme to find Jeff King for season-saving TD. From there it took some breaks — a muffed punt — and some plays — Jake’s game-sealing bootleg — to bring home a win against a rudderless team.

A win is a win in the NFL. You’ll take it. Next up, a winnable game in Tampa. But to win it a couple things need to get fixed. One, DeAngelo Williams’ sudden fumbling issue. Two, Jordan Gross getting eating alive by pass-rushing DEs. And another thing has to continue — shutting down the TE. Kellen Winslow has been about the only weapon the Bucs have had in the air this season. Contain him, and run the ball and Carolina should squeak by with another win.

Update: Getting much chuckles out of the certitude displayed by some supposed insiders that John Fox is done at the end of year. Next year will be a lock-out/capless/labor strife year. Something will be up in the air. The Big Cat does not like uncertainty. The Big Cat is also not a billionaire who can go out and pay rock star prices for a Bill Cowher.

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