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485. 495. Whatever.

When I read this post from Jim Morrill I couldn’t tell if Speaker Joe Hackney was joking when he addressed an Uptown gathering:

“There’s often a perception in Mecklenburg, I am told, that nobody cares about Mecklenburg,” he said.

“I can assure you I keep up with it. I know all about 495 … ” People in the audience quickly corrected him that it’s completion of the I-485 beltway that is a concern to Charlotteans.

“485, same thing,” Hackney said quickly.

But now I’m told by someone on the scene that Hackney was not joking. In fact, he provided little evidence that he knew anything about Charlotte — or much cared to change that. True to form for Raleigh pols, his over-arching message seemed to be, “Be nice to your state delegation — or else.”

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The “But They Do It” Defense

Any parent has heard a variation on this one. Yet here is Bev Perdue trotting it out to explain why the state of North Carolina must continue to give away tax subsidies to massive corporations. Like the $318m. one to Dell that just blew up all over state officials.

For the life me I do not understand why there is not widespread, bipartisan support for some sort of moratorium on these packages. Ban them for three years and see if the state dries up and blows away. Actually, come to think of it, that is far too risky to the state’s wheeler-dealer insiders. Should the sound, efficient delivery of basic services prove to be a linchpin of economic growth, whatever will they do?


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