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Save Free Market Warrior Goes Global

kkMatt Drudge has picked up on Loren Spivack‘s battle with Concord Mills Mall over his conservative bumper stickers, linking to a WCNC story on the conflict. Next up, a piece for

hhMeanwhile, Spivack has posted pics of some of the merch that Concord Mills has no problem with the Spencer’s store on the property selling, most of which is decidedly R-rated. But frankly the notion that the Victoria Secrets stuff could be offensive to anyone aside from NOW activists is a bit of stretch. Then there is the Obamania merch, which is clearly political, blowing up the mall’s argument that it does not allow opinion merch to be hawked on-site.

Should be interesting to see where this thing leads. Unless I miss my guess, Fox News and World Net Daily will be all over this story shortly.

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Whisky River Liquor Reform Law a Go

Fascinating how certain things get done in this state. The three-day waiting period for memberships to private clubs that serve liquor by the drink is just about a thing of the past, mere weeks after the state’s hospitality industry — including the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority — started agitating for a change.

Why not do away with the private membership charade altogether now?

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Countdown to Creative Loafing’s Pumpkin Hour?

The Chicago Reader, another of the financially challenged alt-weeklies Ben Eason bought with $40m. in hot money, has the details here.

The shorthand is that if senior debt holder Atalaya Capital Management is allowed to participate in an equity auction of the chain’s assets, “It’s over. It’s the same thing as a foreclosure,” Eason told the paper.

The bankruptcy judge will decide if Atalaya gets to play on Monday. This can only mean one thing:

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