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Decoding City Revenue Chatter, Part the First

Erik Spanberg over at the CBJ notes there is already talk amongst some members of the Charlotte city council of going back and “reconsidering” the $8m. in General Fund revenue council voted to spend on a streetcar study. This is being spun as an outgrowth of those dirty, bad nasties in Raleigh monkeying around with the city’s potential revenue sources.


Allow me to offer several other reasons. Tariq Bokhari. Craig Nannini. Matthew Ridenhour. Martin Davis. Maybe a few more before all is said and done. These fiscal conservatives are going provide voters with an alternative to the status quo leadership which voted for $8m. worth of streetcar study out of scarce General Fund revenue.

Also, consider the “blame Raleigh” approach as a dry run for what might come next — a local property tax hike to sustain status quo spending patterns.

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SarahPAC Rolling in Cash

jjI’m telling ya people, the woman is an ATM in pumps. She’s got about $1m. in the bank, including $200K since she announced she was leaving the governorship.

Either candidates line up behind her, or they watch Palin suck money right out from underneath them. Now do you understand why all the consultants are so mad at her?

Her straw is much, much bigger than theirs will ever be. If Sarah starts putting on weight, you’ll know it is from all the milkshakes.

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Beason: Look Out for Rosario

Panther MLB Jon Beason is touting TE Dante Rosario for a breakout season based on the workouts the two are having down in FLA in advance of Panther training camp. “I hope we use him more on offense because I think he’s a special talent,” Beason blogged the other day. Hmmm, a bit of lobbying there, Jake.

Beason also has one goal in mind: a Super Bowl ring. I hope new DC Ron Meeks finds ways to turn Beason loose, cuz the guy sounds like he is on a mission.

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Rodney Monroe, Get Your Thinking Cap On

Rumors afloat that CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe will take the state law enforcement exam this week. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. If he passes.

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Death By Probation

The N.C. Department of Corrections has killed again. The blood of the five victims of Patrick Burris covers the hands of state administrators and lawmakers. Obvious, fatal — fatal — flaws in the state’s probation system have gone uncorrected for years now. And we are not talking about rocket science.

Your basic Wal-Mart has a better idea of where every bottle of shampoo is stocked than the state of North Carolina knows the whereabouts of violent repeat offenders ostensibly under state supervision. A relational database of few thousand unique units is utterly routine — except for our probation system, which is still using faxes — faxes — to transmit important, time-sensitive information. Let’s assume government inflation and cost-escalation to the point where it would cost, oh, $10m. to bring the probation system into the 21st century.

We’re building a pier at Nags Head for $25m. We just voted — damn near unanimously, by the way — to give builders a $35m. property tax break on their unsold housing inventory. These are manifestly our priorities, or it would not keep happening.

Stop us before we kill again.

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