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Can Anything Fix CMS?

kkOr are we just going to sit here while the system self-destructs?

Very nearly forensic research from Ann Helms has pieced together that recent CMS layoffs were composed of 57 percent teaching staff. This comports with our core sample from the other week which found dozens of non-teaching administrative positions still intact, many with six-figure salaries.

Sadly, but predictably, CMS goes full Nathan Thurm in explaining that of course more teachers were laid-off — there are so very many of them in a school system you see — and that administrative positions were hit with freezes, which is kinda like a layoff, except not.

At this point nothing less than a CMS board majority focused relentlessly on basic competence from CMS senior staff can begin to turn things around. Any political posturing — from the left or right — is simply a luxury right now. This crew of do-nothing yobs are driving public education right off a cliff. It will not survive the fall.

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Wells Fargo v. Wells Fargo

The bank is suing itself in a condo foreclosure proceeding down in Florida, paying lawyers on both sides. Really nothing to say.

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