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Another Tea Party Candidate for City Council

Matthew Ridenhour, organizer of the July 4th Tea Party in Charlotte, has filed to run for Charlotte city council at-large as a Republican.

“I intend to be a strong voice of fiscal conservatism, and adhering to the principles for which the Republican Party once stood,” Ridenhour said in an email to supporters. “Too often we have been called ‘Democrat-Lite’ due to wasteful spending, increasing the size of government, and allowing our party to move too far to the left.

He joins Navy vet and electrical engineer Craig Nannini as a candidate who was spun out of the local Tea Party movement. Nannini announced he was running for city council at-large last week. In other words, what critics derided as a hazy, ill-informed conniption fit has already supplied the Republican Party with badly needed fresh blood and enthusiasm. Whether the actually wants such things remains to be seen.

“I do not have a family name, wealth, or ‘proper’ pedigree, which these days seems so requisite for serving the public,” Ridenhour continued in his annoucement. “The other night I realized that that is one of the problems facing our community and nation today. Public office is often viewed as a stepping stone to a name legacy or financial well-being, rather than a humble opportunity to serve the greater good. I have served our nation for eight years in the Marine Corps, including two deployments to Iraq. Now I will serve my hometown, our city.”

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Mayfield: "Doc Black doesn't believe in false positives"

This is getting interesting even if you don’t give a hoot about NASCAR.

Driver Jeremy Mayfield went ape in an interview with ESPN, throwing out much chaff. However, the claim that the head of NASCAR’s testing unit does not believe false positives are possible needs to be probed. Now.

We now have two concrete, up-or-down questions any reporter who purports to cover NASCAR should be dying to get answered from the France family biz: 1) Have any other drivers or crew members tested positive for the amphetamine Adderall? 2) Does Aegis Sciences Corp. take the position that false positives are impossible?

That’s it. From here on out, to write or speak another word on this topic without first trying to get answers to those questions will function as an IQ test for reporters.

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NC: “The France of the United States”

Oh…oh…does that mean…be still my striving Uptown heart…that Charlotte is the Paris of the Carolinas?

Yes, in all the wrong ways. Scott Hodge of the Tax Foundation, the authoritative outfit on taxation, notes that non-competitive tax policy in North Carolina is lumping the state with high-tax jurisdictions like New Jersey and Connecticut, forming a French-style big spending, business unfriendly environment. And since we’ve long known that Charlotte is by-far the highest tax metro in the state, what do you think that says about attracting business investment to the QC?

That’s right — we have to subsidize three-time bailout losers like GMAC and non-profit shakedown artists like NACA. Expect more of the same. And to start taking the entire month of August off.

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US Airways: No Additional Cuts

So says CEO Doug Parker:

We are pretty happy with our fleet right now and have no plans to reduce capacity any further. If anything, we will have a modest expansion internationally.

Interesting. We should have a better idea what the international side looks like for summer 2010 probably about November.

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