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UNCC Assistant Dean Arrested

That’s exactly one thing I find surprising about a 27-year old assistant dean at UNCC getting arrested for embezzlement for a few days ago.

First, it’s absolutely not the phrase “27-year old assistant dean”. An assistant dean title in student affairs or (especially) admission at most universities is about as meaningful as an AVP title at a bank. In other words, looks good on paper, but it’s pretty far down the food change. And you’d expect the mentor/minder for frats and sororities to be fairly young.

I haven’t checked her background, but being something like a sociology, psychology, or Afam studies major wouldn’t surprise. Nor would it shock me in the least if she had been in a sorority — or even been president of her sorority when she was an undergrad.

Opportunity to embezzle? Sure. She probably had a five-digit budget for the activities she put on and the conferences she attended.

The surprise? She only made $38k a year. Was expecting a bit higher pay — say mid $40ks.

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Don’t Forget to Tea Party

If you are not heading to a local lake to blow stuff up.

Roll to Marshall Park at 11am. Details here.


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