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UNCC Football, RIP

The dream is over. The small window that existed to hike student fees and start a football team as opposed to hike student fees and not have football has closed. UNCC will almost certainly have to increase student fees — the primary funding source for existing athletic programs — in the next year or two. Once that happens, hiking them again to pay for football will be a non-starter.

The root cause of UNCC’s poor fiscal situation is its affiliation with the A10. AD Judy Rose freaked and jumped into the arms of exactly the wrong conference for Charlotte’s growing campus. How Rose continues to escape criticism on this point is a great CLT media mystery. But at least MeckDeck readers have known the truth lo these many years.

Along those lines, UNCC football now mostly serves Rose and Phil Dubois as a handy distraction away from sad state of men’s basketball, the 49ers lone “revenue” sport. Remember Bobby Lutz going “all in” in advance of another dismal 11-20 season? Didn’t think so. UNCC has not been to the NCAAs in five years and has had losing records in 2 of the past 3 seasons. Fans are pretty much banking on a return to the tourney based on a couple decent recruiting classes by Lutz. But should these expectations be dashed by a tough A10 sked, look out below.

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NASCAR: How Many Drivers Have ADD?

Can’t blame them. I know my mind would wonder after the first, oh, 50 miles of turning left. But seriously folks, this Jeremy Mayfield thing is not going to end well.

Mayfield has Bill Diehl crawling all up in NASCAR after NASCAR suspended Mayfield for violating its cryptic substance abuse policy. Mayfield is claiming all manner of wrong-doing but lets stick to the known, undisputed facts.

  • Mayfield was prescribed Adderall to treat his attention deficit disorder.
  • Adderall is an amphetamine.
  • Adderall can be both abused and overprescribed.
  • Amphetmine is a performance enhancing drug for race car drivers.

Now to the disputed. Mayfield’s attorneys say NASCAR told the driver he was being suspended for testing positive for amphetamines. NASCAR’s attorney on Friday said, “This case is not about amphetamines.” Two points then.

One, we still do not know what it was Mayfield tested positive for, although NASCAR is strongly hinting it is an illegal drug. This odd omission pales next to this point, however. NASCAR just told the world that drivers can take speed just as long as they have a prescription for speed. You could not make that up in your wildest hatred of the France family and the turn-left mafia. Forget baseball and steroids, that is just simple fraud. Speed and 200-mph billboards, that’s reckless endangerment.

Which gets us back to the question at hand: How many NASCAR drivers have been diagnosed with ADD and are racing while on Adderall?

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