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Judge Bell, DA Goodenow: For Real?

I got no problem with a $900,000 bond for serial speeder Carlene Atkinson. I do have a problem with violent repeat offenders repeatedly bonding out of the Mecklenburg County jail.

You see, if Atkinson has to sit and stew in jail and await trial, it only makes sense that the vast majority of those charged with violent offenses in the community do the same. Except that they do not.

Judge Bob Bell, you set the standard yourself with this comment:

“I’m not concerned about her running,” the judge told the packed courtroom. “My concern is protection of the community. There’s no way to guarantee she won’t get back in a car again.”

And Assistant District Attorney Marsha Goodenow, how about you ask for a $1m. bond — or even $500K — on the hordes of repeat offenders whom you know are going to cycle out the system and commit more crimes. Often within hours of their release.

But I won’t hold my breath. We wouldn’t have the criminal justice farce we have in this county if we had consistent, rational, and honorable judges and prosecutors.

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