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They’re Dropping Like Flies

Bam bam bam! Ba-bam! And I’m getting serious flash backs to Bill Clinton:

What burns me up is there is no reason this could not have been done last year — except it was an election year and the feeling in the political salons of Raleigh was that it would be unfair to visit Easley’s sins upon Bev Perdue. Stack of Bibles folks, and tell me I’m wrong.

Meanwhile, here’s a fun little twist.

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GMAC as Ally? But the Axis was Fascist

GMAC says it will call its Internet bank arm Ally Bank. And you will like it. Or else.

Funny, this bank in the Philippines had the general idea down. Does this mean America already has a Third World financial sector? Having said all that, Ally’s rates are pretty good.

As they should be for a concern wholly dependent on government cash and considerations to stay in operation.

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BofA Wimps Out, Dumbest Race Name. Evar.

Welcome race fans to the NASCAR Banking 500 only from Bank of America.

Just rolls off the tongue, does it not? Is Ken Lewis really that afraid of Barney Frank? Tell me who else the Bank of America 500 could’ve possibly offended. Is it because Tim Geithner was born in Brooklyn?

I really don’t get it.

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Mary Easley’s Days Are Numbered

This time next week Mary Easley will not have a made-up job at NCSU. Mark it down.

All of her protectors have been cut loose as the UNC system claws back some of its dignity and respect. The sad thing is that it took hundreds of column inches from the N&O to prod folks to do the right thing.

Erskine Bowles knows this thing stinks to high heaven and will not tolerate this circus much longer. Plus it gives him the opportunity to get rid of a boatload of cronies and replace them with educators. If he can find any.

Bonus Observation: McQueen Campbell is a doofus.

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