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Point and Laugh: Mac Everett

What a dope.

Uptown utility fixer Mac Everett has gone and gotten himself sued by Bill Diehl and Gloria Pace King. Couldn’t happen to a guy more deserving of having his out-sized rep taken down a notch.

Remember that loopy and contentious interview Everett gave the Uptown paper back in October? Diehl has popped Mac for his over-the-top of the use the word “sin.” How wonderfully Charlotte. Passive aggressive with some damnation and money damages thrown in.

But Diehl has his shrewd operator license in full display. Everett can only defend himself by documenting King’s supposed “sins” — ie supposed transgressions which the United Way board had to have been aware of, yet did nothing to stop. In sum, Everett either supplies the factual basis for his sin talk — which would sink the charity’s case against King — or he does not, in which case he risks paying a hefty sum to King for defamation.

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The Heels and Obama: Two Winners

ggChill, chill ABCers and Dittoheads. Ask yourself why.

I submit it is because Roy Williams and Barack Obama are both excellent at creating and managing goals for highly competitive people and campaigns. Part of that is understanding the need for a deft personal touch here and there to help close the circle and create a close feeling — illusion if you must — of interconnection between disparate parts.

Take the President’s comments today on UNC walk-on Jack Wooten. Obama called back to the now infamous pick-up game he played in Chapel Hill during the campaign:

“When we played, everybody went out of their way to pass me the ball, set screens for me, let me take a shot, Tyler chose not to block my shot, but I was so intimidated by him being near me that I missed it. There was one exception, though: Jack Wooten. He stole the ball from me, he blocked my shot, he fouled me once — Coach Williams had to remind him that there were a bunch of guys with guns around. But just to show that there are no hard feelings, Jack, I want to congratulate you. He made Phi Beta Kappa this year, that’s worth applauding. To achieve academic excellence as part of a national championship is extraordinary. And I know that Jack is interested in public service and we need more young people like him to serve our country. So, Jack, any time you’re ready – jump on board.

That is some pretty effective and creative rhetoric there. Deny it at your peril.

Oh, and dook sucks.

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Will QC Strippers Party with Michael Phelps?

bbOlympic swimming champ Michael Phelps returns to in-pool action this week in Charlotte, but the same racy British tabloid which busted him smoking pot in Columbia in January is back with a claim that Phelps has enjoyed some quality time with a Baltimore stripper.

Theresa White, 25, says she hooked up with Phelps a couple times, once with another stripper joining in.

Is Charlotte ready for this kinda action? Is Center City Partners, which famously blanched at a Hooter’s going in the “wrong” spot Uptown?

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Socialism Comes to Storm Water Services

Hello, folks. Check out what the gnomes at Char-Meck Storm Water Services have cooked up. Many homeowners in Charlotte will see massive increases in their storm water runoff charges.

On the high end in Charlotte you are looking at the annual fees more than doubling to over $200 a year for homes with more than 5000 square feet of hard surfaces. More modest digs of 3000 square feet up to 4999 square feet are will see a hike of over one-third. Smaller properties will see no change or a slight decrease.

Note this calculation is not heated square footage, but of all hard surfaces, including rooftops, patios, and driveways. I would love to see a percentage breakdown of all property in the county by this measure.

This is pure class warfare. Fewer people have big homes so they are the politically expedient targets to fund the correction of bad local government policy, namely allowing developers to build in floodplains for decades.

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