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Ban Smoke, Then What Nanny-Staters?

Daren Bakst wonders what comes after the smoking ban. Once state government decides that adults are really little children, anything is possible. Two critical points Daren makes:

  • Smokers do not have a right to smoke on someone else’s property. Similarly, nonsmokers do not have a right to a smoke-free environment when the environment belongs to someone else.
  • Smoking-ban proponents actually want to create a new right: the “right” to be able to go anywhere they want, including for-profit private clubs, and not encounter cigarette smoke. Instead of respecting property rights, they want their preferences to take precedence over others’ property rights.

Me, I’m still amazed that the “adult or else” language is still in the House bill, language which effectively bans all-ages music shows or performances at private clubs which admit smoking adults at any time.

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Philly Gets the Passion, the QC Gets the Shaft

kkThat was a flirty tease.

The Lingerie Football League is not landing in Charlotte, basically for the same reason it fled Atlanta: No place to play. On to Philadelphia then, by which the league means Trenton.

I think this is going to turn into Survivor: New Jersey before all is said and done.

The official cover story for dissing CLT and going to Philly is that the Old Old Coliseum is too old and Bobjohnson Arena is taken up with Bobcat games on Friday nights. And league management did not know either the age of Bojangles Coliseum or that Charlotte had a NBA franchise?

It is almost like they are distracted…by a…ahh…something.

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