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Programming Note

The working plan is to pop up to chat with Tara on WBT around 4:30pm today.

There I said it, a “plan.”

Update: Change of plans. Due to Swine Flu news and the fact that City Council has put off taking a vote on the transit tax hike until May 11th — yay Tea Party people — I’ll pop in on Tara tomorrow around 5pm. Honest.

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Uptown Paper Thinks You Are Under-taxed

jjAnd pay too little for your Uptown paper. Gee, do you think they are related?

And can’t help but notice that the Uptown paper waited until the city purchased Uptown’s new sophisto-racks to jack up the newsstand price. But back to the transit tax hike.

I’m done arguing with these sophists. I’ll bet any member of the editorial board $500 that if Mecklenburg County gets the authority to levy an additional half-cent for transit, a referendum to approve said tax will appear on a county ballot at some future date.

Oh, and special shout-out to Charlotte city council members — a vote for an option or tool to hike taxes is a vote for a tax hike.

Bonus Observation: Contrary to this confusing he-said she-said North vs. Northeast formulation, the real “the politics of transit” is this: Why would Anthony Foxx support an increase in a regressive tax on the poor in order to fund Phil Dubois’ $1.25b. train to UNCC?

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