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Lies of Future Past

Tara Servatius inspires me to dig out all the old lies and smears from the transit tax repeal campaign of 2007 AD.

Here’s Uptown cartoon-guy Kevin Siers calling opponents of the status quo transit plan cavemen, a meme Siers and the Uptown edit board flogged relentlessly for months.

And here is the lying-ass flyer Tara mentioned which the county-funded Council on Aging produced under the direction of pro-tax consultants hired by Pat Mumford’s pro-tax campaign. Does it make you feel better or worse that Mumford is now pulling down a six-figure salary from the city as chief of economic development projects?

And here is a GOTV flyer which threatens tax hikes and reduced bus service unless the half-cent is retained.

Bonus Observation: Stan Campbell is still at large.

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Pssst. Wanna Watch an Illegal Video?

And it is a full 40 minutes long, too!

Seriously, this is required viewing if you want to understand the future of digital communication, the Net, culture. Everything. The background is that legal scholar Larry Lessig got a take-down request from Warner Music over this presentation, one which you might agree is pretty brilliant at framing the issue even if it fuzzes up a bit toward the end.


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Weird Tip on Missing Myrtle Teen

jjWhy would a 17-year-old girl on spring break from Upstate New York make her way onto a bus which does nothing except ferry housekeeping crew to the Grand Strand from beat-down Williamsburg County?

These are essentially public works vehicles, not public means of transport. I’d be only slightly less shocked if someone claimed to have seen Brittanee Drexel jump off the back of a garbage truck. Seriously. The best way to the explain the supposed sighting is that it is simply mistaken.

The entire story is fuzzy and disturbing, starting with a mom who didn’t know her daughter took off to the beach a couple hundred miles away.

It is also not a good sign that one man named in police reports as having been seen with Drexel at a hotel has already lawyered up. Hope this thing turns out OK.

jjUpdate: Sure enough, WHEC reported a few minutes ago (11:30am) that the girl seen on the Williamsburg County bus line was not Britanee Drexel. Thank goodness authorities did not spend much time on that false lead.

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Additional Not News: No Money for 485

This is pretty comical.

The final leg of 485 that Gov. Bev Perdue promised would begin construction by the end of the year is three years away from having the paperwork done for the interchange with I-85. Oh, and there is still no money to do the work, unless possibly, maybe the state takes the $186m. that had been intended to fix Independence Blvd. for the last 25 years. Good night, Charlotte, thanks for playing.

The unfinished span between Old Statesville Road and Mallard Creek would cost $150m. to build. The the interchange with 85 would then require an additional $80m. Only NC DOT would remotely conceive of these aspects as separate projects.

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