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Panthers’ 09 Sked: Insane

Well, games at Dallas, Arizona, New England, and the Jints should give John Fox plenty of time to work on his resume. I thought it would be tough, but this is impossible. Oh, don’t forget the two playoff teams that visit in Philly and the Vikes.

Better still, the bye is front-loaded in the fourth week so that by late November a trip to the Jets should be a test of wills.

Actually, I do not doubt Fox-Hurney will be back no matter what they do this year. Which is why 4-12 would not at all be a surprise.

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SEC and BofA. Duh.

Kinda confused as to why the SEC’s ongoing look at the Merrill Lynch bonuses gets the breaking news treatment here.

This process dates back to January and it is serious business. The SEC is not going to rush a finding on material disclosure to shareholders. Either Ken Lewis and crew knew about the bonuses and didn’t tell shareholders — or Lewis and crew didn’t do their jobs and wasted billions in shareholder value as a result.

The SEC only really cares about one of those possibilities. BofA shareholders should not, however. Stay tuned.

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The Ads, They Do Nothing

Alan Mutter pops up to confirm what I’ve been saying all these months: Random display ads are dead, all ads must be opt-in and personalized if they are to have value.

Newspapers, bless their ink-stained little hearts, think if they can just move their print ads online, profit. And even TV and radio stations have been suckered into this crazy notion of making money off of the eyeballs that land on their Web sites. Why, they’ll “capture” that “traffic” and sell it to their broadcast advertisers. Lunacy.

Why in the world would I want some random spot on a Web page — be it TV, radio, or paper — when I can tie-in to keyword triggered, search specific ads elsewhere on the net? Put another way, I can either throw my product or service up in front someone that is looking for it or sit and wait — or aggressively nag with pop-ups — hoping that someone looking for me stumbles onto a story my spot happens to rotate beside and hope the end-user is not using Ad Block, No Script, Greasemonkey….

It is a joke.

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Ahem. Bev’s 485 Promise. Breaking!

WCNC doubles back to ask just where the money might be to finish 485 as Bev Perdue sorta, maybe promised back in Februrary.

In the process both Charlotte city councilman and mayor wannbe Anthony Foxx and state Rep. Thom Tillis are left looking mighty silly for pretending that there might be $220m. under a rock somewhere to do the job. Why not just stand up like men and say there is no money?

As we noted last month, Perdue amended her original promise to start the final leg by the end of the year to say it was contingent on finding federal money to do the work. But as Tillis tells WCNC, it is now clear there is no federal stimulus money for 485.

Aside: Rep. Larry Kissell had no problem putting in an earmark seeking $30m. in federal pork to extend the $522m. South Blvd. light rail line to UNCC. In case you wondered about our priorities — and about the merits of the project. Remember when we were only going to build trains that qualified for federal funding on their merits? Yeah, me too. Another promise broken.

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Notes From All Over. And Over.

Alright snap to people, the world is not gonna outrage itself. 1234!

  • Prep sports scandal unfolding in Greensboro. Independence still clean.
  • How will we ever get local news without newspapers? Whatever will we do? Meet ESPNChicago, the first local sports site from S-PIN.
  • Oh and the Uptown paper today goes A1/A2 with pics on the Decker-Roddick wedding we told you about yesterday, citing the same Deadspin source. Had all day, advanced the story not at all. Just sad.
  • Goldman Sachs gets $10b. in TARP funds, plans to pay employees an average of $675K a year for 2009. See, fascism works.
  • Speaking of fascists, the fifth RIAA lawyer has been appointed to the Justice Department by President Hope and Change. I hope all the college students who voted for Obama change their underwear before federal shock troops frog-march them out of their dorms for having unlicensed, felonious music on their digital devices.
  • Why in the world would GMAC deserve $80K from the city of Charlotte to offset taxes? Why do we have to pay taxes and the corporations don’t? Oh right! That fascism thing! Stupid, stupid….
  • Perry Farrell turned 50 with an all-star concert in Las Vegas, which sounds like the right way to do it.

That’s all folks. You better cash in. Before it is too late.

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