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Chief Monroe Picking a Fight with the Powers That Be

Check out the push-back CMPD is getting merely over creating a target list of chronic repeat offenders. Rodney Monroe knows that if he is perceived as being tough on crime, the reality will not matter. Not in Charlotte.

Almost as interesting is the fact that the Uptown paper is powerless to report these developments in any coherent manner, ping-ponging as it does from completely buying CMPD’s spin to jumping to side with the defense attorneys’ “concerns” about target lists. C’mon this is a paper which actually reported that the Independence division was in Southwest Charlotte. No. And that motorcycle units would reduce robberies. No.

As long as this pitiful reporting goes on, Monroe has a free hand to do whatever he wants — effective or not. So far, the mere change Monroe has interjected into a moribund local justice system has been net good, but there is no guarantee that will continue.

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Tea Party for Wednesday

kkOK co-conspirators, you probably know that the Charlotte version of tax day protest is the tax party set for Wednesday afternoon at the GovCenter.

But what was news to me is proto pre-protest planned for outside the Uptown paper at 1pm.

Anyway, there is also a Facebook page for the tea party, which is where I see that there are rumors of an ACORN-led counter-protest. Sounds fun.

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