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Ogre Taps Out

Meant to mention this a couple weeks back but….

The Ogre has laid down his battle-axe of freedom. The NC blogger and occasional MeckDeck commenter made his last blog post a couple months ago, but has kept commenting up through last week.

I have to note that Ogre said enough’s enough in the wake of the Inaugural hysteria, a trying time for anyone with a brain in their head. Things have come back to Earth somewhat since then. Still, I can totally see Ogre’s point about fighting a hopeless fight for freedom. If people do not want freedom, what are you going to do?

Me, I still think the next couple years will be crucial, especially locally and statewide, will chances to reverse the statist tide. But that makes the next few months absolutely vital in laying the groundwork to be able to beat-down the quislings and neo-fascists now in power.

If that does not happen, then I might just lay down my — well, it is not so much a battle-axe, more of a keyboard with coffee stains propped up by beer coasters, still deadly though — weapons and leave my fellow citizens to the fate they have chosen.

Bonus Observation: Did the term “neo-fascist” make you cringe? Then you’re part of the problem, my friend.

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